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Is Time All We Really Have?

So biking to Starbucks this morning I came upon one of those self-revelations…I don’t always need to be racing to get somewhere. Far too often it seems like I’ve been rushing to get to one place to another, whether it be from one physical location to another, or if it’s project related for work.

Slow down, relax, take it easy, enjoy the journey…oddly enough, I sort of get it, granted it took a bunch of years to figure it out. I heard an interesting phrase earlier that struck a chord and started me thinking about this subject, “Time is one of those finite resources that you can’t get back”.

Think about that for a moment, let is sink in…”Time is one of those finite resources that you can’t get back”. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, its a powerful statement. It’s highly possible it’s solely due to where I am in my life and the draw to how I want to journey, and truly not where I am journeying to.

Before too long I am sure I’ll ramble on about my two, now three “big ticket” desires I want to accomplish, 1) cross continent adventure ride on my motorcycle, 2) sail as much of the planet as I can on a sailboat, and 3) build a tiny house and live on 10 acres in the mountains of Colorado.

By the way, I came across the perfect anthem for this thought…the song is called Synthesizer by Butch Walker and the Black Widows. I highly recommend their album The Spade than can be found on iTunes pretty easily.

Okay, back to the original thought…time. Nobody has a lot of it, in fact the term “the clock is ticking” isn’t really a metaphor anymore, it’s an actual reality. So, i guess I need to listen to myself and quit thinking about it, and start doing it…


Playing in the Mud with my Wife!

Yesterday we completed the Tough Mudder down in Dallas. It was my 2nd and my wife’s 1st Mudder. She was absolutely spectacular at the obstacles as well as the distance running.

I have to give her props on the Monkey Bars, she totally kicked ass on those. I made it to the 4th rung and lost my grip and dropped into the water, but when I looked up to see her still going, well I was one proud hubby!

We may be a little sore today, but it sure was a blast to run this one together!