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Greetings from 30K Up

Technology never ceases to amaze me, now with that being said, tonight’s in-flight wifi has probably been the worse yet. Tough reception or something, but I keep getting dropped and it’s pretty hard to jump back onto the network.  Not like I can complain…hell, I cannot even connect!

But as I write this, Dierks Bentley’s “Drunk on a Plane” is playing in my ears, so I’ll keep drinking my Jack Daniel’s and be happy…

Anywho, I’m on my way home for a few days and I cannot tell how excited I am for crisp, clean air; I get to see my wife and my dogs. 3-4-5 consulting schedule in action colleges, this is the 5 in the equation, the 5th day from the office, or in my case, my home office.

Colleagues, especially those of you who have just joined the consulting ranks take note: Have a great time on the road, kick ass on all your engagements, but make sure you take time to enjoy being at home each week. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, it’ll become the basis of true work-life balance.

Work-life balance is the dragon that we are all chasing, whether you are young or seasoned, married with a facility or not married at all. You’ll come to appreciate your annoying friends who are always calling to see if you want to go out (No I can’t tonight, I’m i Atlanta).

I’m sure it sounds tougher than it is, but I guarantee you’ll find the groove that works for you. Just make sure you go out and try to slay the dragon, don’t burn out our career path, it can be intense, but the alternative is a cube farm, and that sucks way worse than sitting next to a flu bug on your evening flight home!

Carry on colleagues and I will see y’all on the road next week!


Is Time All We Really Have?

So biking to Starbucks this morning I came upon one of those self-revelations…I don’t always need to be racing to get somewhere. Far too often it seems like I’ve been rushing to get to one place to another, whether it be from one physical location to another, or if it’s project related for work.

Slow down, relax, take it easy, enjoy the journey…oddly enough, I sort of get it, granted it took a bunch of years to figure it out. I heard an interesting phrase earlier that struck a chord and started me thinking about this subject, “Time is one of those finite resources that you can’t get back”.

Think about that for a moment, let is sink in…”Time is one of those finite resources that you can’t get back”. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, its a powerful statement. It’s highly possible it’s solely due to where I am in my life and the draw to how I want to journey, and truly not where I am journeying to.

Before too long I am sure I’ll ramble on about my two, now three “big ticket” desires I want to accomplish, 1) cross continent adventure ride on my motorcycle, 2) sail as much of the planet as I can on a sailboat, and 3) build a tiny house and live on 10 acres in the mountains of Colorado.

By the way, I came across the perfect anthem for this thought…the song is called Synthesizer by Butch Walker and the Black Widows. I highly recommend their album The Spade than can be found on iTunes pretty easily.

Okay, back to the original thought…time. Nobody has a lot of it, in fact the term “the clock is ticking” isn’t really a metaphor anymore, it’s an actual reality. So, i guess I need to listen to myself and quit thinking about it, and start doing it…


Playing in the Mud with my Wife!

Yesterday we completed the Tough Mudder down in Dallas. It was my 2nd and my wife’s 1st Mudder. She was absolutely spectacular at the obstacles as well as the distance running.

I have to give her props on the Monkey Bars, she totally kicked ass on those. I made it to the 4th rung and lost my grip and dropped into the water, but when I looked up to see her still going, well I was one proud hubby!

We may be a little sore today, but it sure was a blast to run this one together!

Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Eaten That…

C’mon colleagues, admit it, you know you’ve told yourself this numorous times.  So why is it that we continue to punish ourselves by dumping loads of questionable local cuisine into gastrointestinal systems?  Aside from the fact that most local cuisine is infinitely more interesting than any big name steakhouse or mainstream franchise, the reason we do it is because of status.

Yes fellow colleagues, we are status whores.  Whether it be airline status, hotel status, or rental car status, the sad truth is that we like to “one up” our fellow business travelers, oftentimes at the expense of our own stomach.  So here is my breakdown of being a road food whore.

Basic Level: Congratulations!  You’ve just signed up for the program and this is the entry-level membership.  You’ve either just been hired for your first consulting gig, or are very early in your career.  Either way, your youthful inhibitions allow you to 1. eat pretty much anything you can get your hands on, and 2. out drink all of your co-workers.  What’s in your bag?  Probably a travel-size container of Advil…live it up colleague…live it up!

Gold Level: Congratulations!  You’ve just made Gold Level membership.  You’ve been at it for 1 – 2 years, pounding the pavement and shaking a lot of hands.  You still feel totally invincible, you probably don’t just tell yourself you’re going to the hotel gym, you actually go to the hotel gym!  Local cuisine is still not a stranger and most likely you only have your travel Advil and a roll of Tums in your bag.

Diamond Level: Congratulations!  You’ve just made Diamond Level membership.  You’ve been out there for 3 -5 years…Bubba, that is a lot of damn miles and points!  You’ve learned to be cautious of local cuisine, for the sole reason that at one point in time you’ve been in a small conference room with clients when suddenly strange sounds and smells appear to be coming from your direction.  You’ve graduated to carry plenty of Advil, Tums, Gas-X, and Pepto in your bag.

Super-Duper Platinum Level:  To my colleagues who have made it to, and maintained this level for years….DAMN!  You’ve been on the road so long that all you need is a Scotch or an Irish…neat, make it a double and keep ’em coming!  You’re so good that you don’t go through TSA with anything because you have a stash of meds scattered about various lockers at multiple airports, you’ve even figured out a way to smooth talk the cute airline lounge manager to truck in industrial size Imodium that can be served as shots or over the rocks…you are all my heros!

If you’re not a status whore now, trust me, you will be, so travel on colleagues, travel on!





Seriously, What Was I Thinking?!?!

Being on the road for work is tough. It’s rewarding. It’s sexy. But when you’re home, your mind is on the road, and when you’re on the road, your mind drifts towards being home.

Let me preference by saying that I love being a consultant, it’s dynamic, challenging, and it’s almost like you have multiple careers going on at once. Getting in front of clients is the key to success, but there are some that choose to do things via conference calls and web meetings. So why is it that I find myself living in another state, in a small apartment, away from my family, and not in front of clients?  Well I am learning that a local project doesn’t always mean the thrill and rush of physically being in front of a client will be part of the deal.

What is that saying? Hindsight is 20/20? Yeah, maybe not a smartest play on my part, but the best way to learn is to learn by doing, and learn by making a mistake or two along the way. A quick piece of advice for my consulting colleagues, and colleagues-to-be…take a breath before making a rash decision, I know the exhuborant feeling of success can rule the moment and that is when decisions made can leave you with that “what the hell was I thinking” thought months or years down the road.

As for me…well, I will completing my project, breaking my lease, packing up stuff and heading back home. I enjoy working at my firm and I have absolutely no plans to leave, but I will get back to carrying a normal 3-4-5 consulting schedule.

3 nights in a hotel, 4 days on the client site, and the 5th day at the home office. It’s a crazy life, but the three days I can spend at home each week is much more valuable to me than living in my “local” marketplace.

Yep…time to rekindle the airline status whore that resides within!