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Seriously, What Was I Thinking?!?!

Being on the road for work is tough. It’s rewarding. It’s sexy. But when you’re home, your mind is on the road, and when you’re on the road, your mind drifts towards being home.

Let me preference by saying that I love being a consultant, it’s dynamic, challenging, and it’s almost like you have multiple careers going on at once. Getting in front of clients is the key to success, but there are some that choose to do things via conference calls and web meetings. So why is it that I find myself living in another state, in a small apartment, away from my family, and not in front of clients?  Well I am learning that a local project doesn’t always mean the thrill and rush of physically being in front of a client will be part of the deal.

What is that saying? Hindsight is 20/20? Yeah, maybe not a smartest play on my part, but the best way to learn is to learn by doing, and learn by making a mistake or two along the way. A quick piece of advice for my consulting colleagues, and colleagues-to-be…take a breath before making a rash decision, I know the exhuborant feeling of success can rule the moment and that is when decisions made can leave you with that “what the hell was I thinking” thought months or years down the road.

As for me…well, I will completing my project, breaking my lease, packing up stuff and heading back home. I enjoy working at my firm and I have absolutely no plans to leave, but I will get back to carrying a normal 3-4-5 consulting schedule.

3 nights in a hotel, 4 days on the client site, and the 5th day at the home office. It’s a crazy life, but the three days I can spend at home each week is much more valuable to me than living in my “local” marketplace.

Yep…time to rekindle the airline status whore that resides within!

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